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A Little Breathing Room 2007 At The Exploratorium

San Francisco based artist Bernie Lubell’s wood sculptures are some of the most inspirational kinetic art pieces around. His latest, “A Little Breathing Room” (2007), connects a custom built wooden bicycle to a large wood blower that causes a latex wall to “breathe”. The air also produces a tone in a 10′ wood organ pipe. It also allows for a second person to effect the tone theough interacting with the latex sheet. Really nice example of a collaborative instrument that can double as a fitness machine.

Made of pine, latex, music wire, black rubber rope, copper, nylon line. It measured 12′ x 45′ x 10′. Riding a bike rotates a large wood blower at high speed causing a double latex wall to breathe rhythmically. The air flow also produces a tone in 10′ wood organ pipe. A second participant may interact with the latex sheet riding the rhythmic breath and changing the organ tone.


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