Don Pemberton – Marble Drops

Eddie Boes Sculptures

Leslie Proper – Marble Machines

The Fabulous World of Marbles – Magnetic Marble Machine

Kevin Zust Sculptures

Alexander Driessen – RBS with pulse power

Wind Powered Archimedes Screw

Jem Finer – Score for a hole in the ground

Richard Browne Marble Machines

Hanns-Martin Wagner – The Hong Kong Rolling Ball Project

Zadar Sea Organ

The Making of an Aeolian Harp

Panopticon – The Singing Ringing Tree

Theo Jansen Wind Sculptures

Sebastian Musil – Mammut Murmelbahn

Huettinger Exhibits – Rolling ball sculpture

Deepcore – Adobe Utah Technology Campus – Interactive RBS

Mark Bischof Sculptures

Ernst Heye – Die Pyramide der Nofretete

Survival Research Laboratories

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

Harry Bertoia Sound Sculptures

Jelle Bakker – De Waarbeek

Rory Buckley – Vacuous

Sony Bravia Ad – Making Of

Domino Rally Advert

Rolling Through the Bay

Sonic RBS @ Phaeno

Honda Advert

Rube Goldberg machines

Sonic RBS @ Phaeno Science Museum

Wowie Zowie Gumball Machine

Ben Parry – The Deptford Machine

Jelle Bakker – Leonardo’s Mechanieken

Popsicle Stick Rolling Ball Sculptures

Metropolis II by Chris Burden

TOUCHWOOD SH-08C Advert & Making of

Made in Goldsmiths, Tuesday 25th January

Rory Buckley – Yoghurt Weaver Mix

Dominic Wilcox – Xylophone Bin

Matthew Gaulden Rolling Ball Sculptures

Andrew Smith Sculptures

Rory Buckley – 741 MPH Show, Nov 2010, STYX Projects London

Sonic Rolling Ball Sculpture @ Ether Festival, Royal Festival Hall, 2010

How To Build A Rolling Ball Marble Machine

Der Lauf Der Dinge – The way things go

Zimoun Sound Sculptures

The compact marble machine

Without records – YCAM Otomo Yoshihide / ENSEMBLES

Joshua Allen Harris’ Air Bear Sculptures

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